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Our partners had the requirement of knowing how his brand works inside the preo app. For this, Preo develops a profile system that shows the user consumes and behavior for each brand.

  • My Role:

    UX Designer

  • Designed for:


  • Work Team
    • Oscar Florez - Product Manager
    • Felipe Pedraza - Collaborator
  • What I do?

    Define what is a profile and how looks like.


Our challenges creating the profiles were:

  1. 1

    Define what a profile is, and create a profile that works for our partners.

  2. 2

    Know what are the most relevant data for our partners.

  3. 3

    Establish a flexible document, which could be monthly customizable with new data.

  4. 4

    Develop a comparative sheet between different profiles.

  5. 5

    Get at least 10.000 leads to create the profiles.

Our proposal/

Create a document with qualitative and quantitative data with the segmentation of our current user base. this segmentation should be according to the products the users consume, money spent per user, places, and concurrence.

Before the research and multiples iterations the result was this:

My Role

As a UX designer, I was in charge of research, understand and create the first drafts of a profile.

Design Process

Profiles Workflow

Tools & Methods

According to the type of problem, there was a way to start working on it. Each method helps us to identify main problems and new points of view, which implies in the process a rethinking about the solution. The most used methods were:

  1. Sketches, wireframes & prototypes

    We did some preliminary validation on the Lo-Fi UI sketches and used the feedback to refine the sketches and narrow down the solutions for the Hi-Fi mockups.

  2. Stakeholder Interviews

    We did some preliminary validation on the Lo-Fi UI sketches and used the feedback to refine the sketches and narrow down the solutions for the Hi-Fi mockups.


First Step

The first step was defining a profile. We start doing research about the data Preo obtain per user.

After this research, we have to make a mix between the quantity and quality data. We also think about give to each profile his own personality in order to create a less quantitative and more qualitative segmentation.

The result: A profile very similar to an user persona.

First Profile Draft similar to an user persona.
Second iteration of a profile.

Second Step

The second step was making a review to know if we are going in the right way.

The result: We create a new profile version without qualitative data. This decision was made because the qualitative data was not enough to generate a report.

Second iteration of a profile.

Last Step

The last iteration led us to question whether the information provided was enough to our partners. At this point, we decide to make a more specific segmentation with the behavioral data we obtain with preo.

The result: A profile with diferent sections based on the partners´s needs.

Overview Final Profile

Inside a Profile

Demographic information: This section contains. Gender, Age, Location, type of devices (IOS or Android) data.

Analysis based on Submissions / Redemptions: This section represents the product data recollected in receipts. So we can see how many items were sold, the average cost, the zones and the hour and days more sales.

Brand Relationship: The data showed in this section became as a behavioral summary of Preo users with each product (FACTS). And Also findings according to this data (INSIGHTS).

These insights were thought as data to make business decisions.

Preo campaign information: If the brand had run a campaign with preo (Mystery Box). this section show this data.

ROI (Return Of Investment)


What did I learn?

Designing the app has been a challenging and rewarding journey. It was clear from the onset that the major challenge will be to make Colombian users interested in something that competes with the daily habits.

We research the way our users see the app and consume the app, We understood this needs, listening and asking our users and partners what they expect about preo and fit into our reward program and the business needs. And Finally, we faced the challenge of creating an engaging app both form the user experience and the visual one.

What can I do better?

  • Deep research about specific features
  • Usability test of the prototype with users
  • A comprehensive business model
  • Research about features and results of competitors.
  • Usability test of the prototype with users.
  • Create a design system to improve our communication with the dev team.