Hi, I’m Angela!

I’m a 29 years old, Bogota-based UX Designer with 10 years of experience. For me, design is present on everything we think and do, and I approach it by constantly generating ideas that in time will help solve problems. I passionately love design and everything around and related to it.

I’ve always focused on the digital field and in fact I’m currently exerting as UX Designer. I’m passioned about creating digital products and understanding how users see the world and behave when prompted to a new interface or service. That array of insights is critical when creating outstanding digital pieces that are meant to have long-lasting, real-world applications.

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Senior UX/UI Designer for Google at Huge
Nov 2019 - Current

I'm working as part of the sumUX team inside Huge. The team work closely with the assistant , search and auto products inside google.

Product Manager - Rappi
June - Sept 2019

As one of the Product Managers of RappiPay, my role is to design and execute offline and online strategies to reach out to new customers and increase the use of Rappi Pay debit card. I use a human centered approach that helps me and the team implement 360 solutions and design complete and impactful experiences.

Senior UX Designer - Globant
Nov 2018 - June 2019

I had been worked in two different projects developing artifacts according to their subjects. Also worked close with the UX studio in latin America helping multiple projects giving insights and conduct workshops.

As UX senior designer at Rockwell, I worked defining the information architecture and the interactions of each component of their new software, I used Atomic Design and tests with final user to improve each component and make them User Centered.

And as the UX senior designer at Terpel, I’m in charge to define interaction models, user task flows, and UI specifications, Communicate scenarios, develop end-to-end experiences, interaction models, and screen designs to stakeholders to Terpel.

Senior UX Designer - Preo
Feb 2018 - Nov 2018

As the senior UX designer, I’m in charge of ideate, structure and develop new features for the app, also Contributing to high-level strategic decision with the team.

  • Conduct research sessions, user interviews and user flows.
  • Define and develop wireframes and prototypes according to the results of the research process, and test them.
  • Design the user interface of each instance of the new features and the in-course app, not only from a design standpoint but introducing a heavy user-centered analysis prior to executing each new visual interface.
  • Work directly with The Developers team assisting design and product in delivering product assets.
Product Design Specialist - Bizagi
Oct 2017 – Feb 2018

As the Senior member of a Product Design squad, I’m in charge of developing visual matrices for my colleagues to follow. In addition, I’m responsible for the proper execution of interaction design (IxD) principles to heavily enhance the user’s experience. That includes code-based and code-free animations and high-fidelity prototyping. I work closely with the UX Architect to keep increasing the product’s value proposition and keep altering the user-flows for the best.

UX Visual Designer - Bizagi
Nov 2015 – Oct 2017

I was heavily involved in the improvement and enhancement for Bizagi 11's brand-new visual language that would affect both Cloud and On-premise’s versions.

I was in charge of the user interface of each instance of the new and yet-to-be-released Bizagi 11 suite, not only from a design standpoint but introducing a heavy user-centered analysis prior to executing each new visual interface.

I also delved into the UX team’s integration within itself and towards the development team in order to make the best use of the overarching Agile environment.

In addition, I was a constant support for the UX Architect in order to get better and more impactful results when it came to new features, services and products.


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